Calgary Assessment Review Board

Board Administration

The City of Calgary provides the financial and human resources necessary to support the operations of the Calgary ARB, including support staff, remuneration for Board members, facilities, equipment, information technology and external independent legal counsel. The City Clerk is the clerk for the ARB and is ultimately responsible and accountable for the management of the budget, support and resources of the Assessment Review Board section.

Administrative staff work to support the Board and ensure that its operations are as open and accessible as possible. Some support staff roles include:

  • Ensuring compliance with the legislation and regulations that governs the complaint process.
  • Receiving and processing all complaints and associated fees.
  • Notifying all parties of hearing dates and times including submission deadlines.
  • Ensuring that documents submitted by all parties are assembled in a file prepared for review by the Board.
  • Assisting in preparing a record of the proceedings of the hearing.
  • Distributing Board decisions once signed by the Presiding Officers.
  • Providing the courts with required records of the hearing upon appeal.
  • Working with the Board to facilitate and present learning and development opportunities for members.